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Director ................... The Rev. John M. Eidam M.Div, M.Ed
Assistant Director ..... Vel Shreve

The Day School staff includes six teachers, and four teacher's aide's. The Extended Care staff consists of one adult per every 10 children, with a minimum of two adults at all times. Our staff is experienced in Early Childhood Education. All are physician certified to be free from any condition which would prevent them from caring for children. St. Peter’s is exempt from licensure and is conducted under the auspices of a religious exempt institution.

St. Peter’s Day School Staff

Connie Townsend
Elizabeth Miller
Janet Chauncey
Charet Thill
Emily Klinedinst
Lauren Strain

Teaching Assistants:
Laura Kallestad
Libby Gray
Carol O’Gara
Carolyn Banks

Extended Care aides:
Laura Kallestad (Supervisor)
Christine Whitfield
Lucy Nelson