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Other reasons to contact the Church...

What To Do If...

You are going to the hospital:
  Call the church office to let us know where and when.
  During admission indicate that you are a member of St. Peter's Church.

You are confined to your home because of illness:

  Call the church office.   The Rector regularly makes calls to those "at home".

You wish to have Holy Communion brought to you at home or in the hospital:

  Call the church office.   The Rector will arrange a visit.

You are faced with a death in your family:

  Call the church office immediately.   The Rector can assist you with ministry and in managing
  the details of the funeral.  Please do not set the time of the funeral before contacting the Rector.

You are planning to be married:

  Call the church office.   Make an appointment with the Rector before making plans in order to
  secure the date when the Rector and the church are available.  Please allow adequate time for planning
  and counseling.

You desire the Sacrament of Holy Baptism:

  Call the church office.   The Episcopal Church celebrates baptisms on designated Sundays.
  Make an appointment with the Rector for baptismal instruction.

Your telephone number, address, name, or marital status changes:

  Call the church office.   This helps us keep our information current.
  (Or you can also use the above form to submit your updated information).

See how many things we can handle easily with a call to the church office (466-9392)?  Good ministry is possible when there is good communication.  Together we can work as a parish family and care for one another.