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Letter From The Rector

Resurrection Power- The Power to Transform Lives

Throughout the past week (Holy Week) we have observed the final hours of Jesus as he hung upon the cross. Jesus died on that cross. His body was placed in a borrowed tomb, a stone was rolled in place to close the entrance to it, a Roman seal was placed upon it, and Roman soldiers guarded the entrance to the tomb. Do you remember the voices from Holy Week, the nay-sayers: “He saved others, but he cannot save himself. He performed mighty miracles for others, but now He lies there helpless in death.” His disciples went about the streets, weeping, and saying, “It’s all over now. All the dreams, all the promises, the glorious future, it’s all over now, He is dead.”

But death could not hold Jesus. A tomb of stone cannot imprison the Son of God- the almighty Christ. Friday night went by, Saturday, and Sunday morning came. In the early dawn some women who loved him came to the tomb. And to their amazement, the stone had been rolled away! They entered the tomb, filled with fear that someone had defiled the grave of their friend and stolen his body. They encountered angels with a very important message. It was the message of the empty tomb: “Why do you look for the living among the dead? He is not here; He has risen!”

This is the greatest message ever given to the world. Jesus is alive! Death could not hold him! The tomb is empty, and he is alive! This is the Easter message- we serve a risen Lord! A new and brighter day has dawned for those with eyes to see it. But many of us, as fallible human beings, tend to want to hold on to the old reality-what we know- what’s comfortable, and we hold on to those things with fierce determination- and so we don’t know the gift of resurrection power. But we have the Bible, and we have the personal testimonies from 2,000 years of church history. We have the evidence of changed lives- transformed by the resurrection power of Jesus- We can know that resurrection power!

Do you know the resurrection power of Jesus? Are you experiencing that power in your life right now? The invitation of Easter morning, and every morning, is to come to Jesus and to ask him for that power and then to receive it. You only need to ask, and he will give it to you and you will be transformed.

Peace and Love,