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Matthew 19:14

November 2019
Thanksgiving Prayer
We thank you, Lord,
For all you give; the food we eat,

The lives we live.

And to our loved ones far away,

Please send your blessings,

Lord, we pray.

And help us all to live our days

With thankful hearts
Andloving ways.
Blessed, what does that mean?
We use the word bless a lot but maybe don't know
what it means.

If someone sneezes, we usually hear someone say,

"bless you!" 
It's not completely clear why we say
that but the word bless is a positive word.

To be blessed is to be more than happy.
Life doesn't always go our way,
sometimes we get sick or
someone gets hurt
and of course this doesn't make
us happy
but being blessed is b
eing full of joy on the inside
even if things aren't perfect.

It's a deeper joy because we know, as believers,
the spirit of God lives in us and
we will live with him
in heaven someday.
Corny Humor
Special Thank You
Thank you all that were part of organizing St. Peter’s Fall Picnic.
We are truly
blessed to have you!
Dates to Remember 
●  November 3 All Saints Sunday/Baptisms - Birthday Blessings at 10:00 am service
Lesson: Lesson: Luke 6:20-31 - Blessings and Woes
Daylight Savings Time * Turn Clocks Back
Parade of Saints at the beginning of the 10am service
● November 10 Pentecost 22
Lesson: Luke 20:27-38 -The Resurrection and Marriage
●  November 17 Pentecost 23
Lesson: Luke 21:5-19 -Signs of the End of the Age
●  November 24 Last Sunday after Pentecost
Lesson: John 6:25-35 -I am the bread of life...
●  November 28 THANKSGIVING DAY!
Thanksgiving Word Search