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Matthew 19:14

March 2019
Meaning Behind the Ashes
You are probably wondering why people mark their foreheads
with ashes on this day every year. What exactly do the ashes represent,
and where do they come from?
The ashes symbolize several important
things: the dust that God created humans from; the 40 days Jesus
spent praying and fasting in the desert, according to the Bible; sadness
 over the sins and mistakes people have made; and a visible sign of
penance. Penance is an act that a person takes to show regret
and to earn forgiveness.

The source of the ashes is also symbolic. Burning the palms used at the
previous year's Palm Sunday service (held the Sunday before Easter)
makes the ashes used on Ash Wednesday. They are given by a priest or
another trained person and are placed in the shape of a cross. The priest
may say the words, 'Remember that you are dust, and to dust you shall
return', or 'Repent and believe in the Gospel'.

Ash Wednesday - March 6th
Noon and 7:30 pm

Dates to Remember 
●  March 3 Last Sunday after Epiphany - Birthday Blessings at 10:00 am service
Lesson: Lesson: Luke 9:28-43 Transfiguration/Healing of a Boy with an Evil Spirit
●  March 6 Ash Wednesday
Noon and 7:30 pm
● March 10 Lent 1
Lesson: Lesson: Luke 4: 1-13 Jesus’ Temptation
●  March 17 Lent 2
Lesson: Luke 13:31-35 Jesus’ Sorrow over Jerusalem
●  March 24 Lent 3
Lesson: Luke 13: 1-9 Repent or Perish
●  March 31 Lent 4
Lesson: Luke 15: 1-3 11b-32 The Parable of the Lost Son
Pancake Supper (Shrove Tuesday)
March 5th * 5:00 – 7:00 pm *
Happy Birthday!
Carys Shreve (March 18th)
Pancake Maze
Pancake Word Search