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Matthew 19:14

January 2019
This New Year, dear child, be messy, sticky and
silly – for this means that you are having a ball
as you grow in leaps and bounds each day.

This New Year may you be blessed with
courage and confidence to spread your wings
and turn each day into an adventure of learning
and fun.

Thank you Carolyn King for directing
the Christmas Pageant “A Christmas to Believe In”
and to the Youth Group for their participation
and enthusiasm! Thank you to the all the Sunday
School volunteers for their dedication and hard work.
The kids did an AMAZING job and everyone in the
congregation loved it! 
Upcoming Events 
● January 6 Epiphany Sunday:
Birthday/Anniversary blessings
The Magi Visit Children's Chapel
The Visit of the Magi
At the time when Jesus was born, during the reign of King Herod,
in a faraway land to the east, Magi (wise men) noticed a bright
new star shining in the sky.

They believed the star was a sign that a new king had been born,
and set out on a long journey to find this king.

After the Magi had traveled a great distance, the star led them to
the city of Bethlehem, and to the house where Joseph, Mary, and
young Jesus lived. The Magi rejoiced to find the young child that
was to be the King of kings, and they offered Him gifts of gold,
frankincense, and myrrh.

You can read the full story in Matthew chapter 2, verses 1 to 11  
Happy Birthday!
Marissa McGinty (January 17th)
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