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Matthew 19:14

April 2018
The flowering of the cross represents the transition from Good Friday to Easter, from meditation on Jesus' death to joyful celebration of his resurrection. The ceremony transforms a barren cross, a reminder of Jesus' death, into an Easter symbol. Covered with fresh, living flowers, the cross serves not only as an emblem of Jesus' resurrection but also of the continuing presence of Christ among today's Christians.
Dates to Remember
● April 1 EASTER DAY/Baptisms
Birthday Blessings
Chapel Children Sing in Church - 10am service
Bring flowers for the Cross
Easter Egg Hunt - 11:30am
Lesson: John 20:1-18 – The Empty Tomb
● April 8 Second Sunday in Easter
Lesson: John 20:19-31 Jesus Appears to His Disciples
● April 15 Third Sunday in Easter
Lesson: Luke 24:36b-48 Jesus Appears to His Disciples
● April 22 Fourth Sunday in Easter
Lesson: John 10:11-18 The Shepherd and His Flock
● April 29 Fifth Sunday in Easter
Lesson: John 15:1-8 The Vine and the Branches
Happy Birthday
Magdalena Kress (April 15th)
Zeke Trochanowski (April 17th)
His is Risen Crossword