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Confirmation classes

St. Peters' News

The Bishop Is Coming!
On Sunday, October 21st the Bishop will be coming to St. Peter's to Confirm, Receive, and Reaffirm candidates.  Below is a very general description of these three rites.  Please see the Rector if you have any questions.
Confirmation - A rite by which we express an adult faith and commitment to Jesus Christ and, by prayer and the laying on of hands by a Bishop, receive strength from the Holy Spirit to continue in this life of faith and commitment.  Baptism is a prerequisite for Confirmation.  When Confirmed by an Episcopal Bishop, an individual is considered a member of the Episcopal Church.
Reception - An individual who has already been Confirmed in the Roman Catholic Church or one of the Orthodox churches is considered to be ".....a member of the one holy apostolic church..." and need not be Confirmed in order to join the Episcopal Church.  Rather, the person is ".....received into the fellowship of this Communion" (BCP p.418) by the Bishop.
Reaffirmation - for those already confirmed, to mark a significant stage in their Christian journey by making a public reaffirmation of the baptismal vows in the presence of the Bishop.  After a period of preparation, the person takes part in the Confirmation rite even though already Confirmed.  The Bishop responds to the affirmation:  ".....may the Holy Spirit, who has begun a good work in you, direct and uphold you in the service of Christ and his kingdom."  (BCP p.419)  A reaffirmation of baptismal vows may occur several times in an adult faith journey.

Below is a schedule of classes that are required for those who wish to be Confirmed, Received, or Reaffirm their faith on the day the Bishop visits.  These classes are also available to anyone who would like to take a "refresher course" on the Christian faith and the Episcopal Church.  In other words, they are open to all.

Confirmation, Reception, Reaffirmation Class Outline
(All Sessions are Sunday Mornings from 9-9:45 AM)

The Christian Faith - September 16
It's all about Jesus!
The Apostles' Creed/Baptismal Covenant
Confirmation and Ministry
The Anglican/Episcopal Church - September 23
Episcopal Church - Discovering our Roots
The Anglican Communion - what is it and why is it important?
The Book of Common Prayer - Don't leave home without it!
The Episcopal Church and Worship - October 7
The Seven Sacraments of the Church
Seasons and Colors
Vestments and Vessels
St. Peter's Episcopal Church - October 14
Our mission
Organization and Structure of St. Peter's
Christian Stewardship:  Time, talent, finances
The Bible - October 21
How the Bible came to be
History, Poetry, Stories, and much, much more!
Why and How should I study the Bible?
Prayer - October 28
Why and How should I pray?
Models of Prayer/The Lord's Prayer
How to have a daily prayer time