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The Seasons of Advent, Christmas and Epiphany | The Feast of Saint Nicholas

Saint Nicholas:  The Wonderworker and Bishop of Myra
Feast Day:  December 6th

Saint Nicholas
is one of the most popular saints of the Christian Church.  He lived during the reign of Saint Constantine the Great.  He was the only son of wealthy parents, who dedicated him to God at an early age.  On the death of his parents, Nicholas distributed all the property he inherited to the the poor and kept nothing back for himself.

Nicholas was instructed in the spiritual life by his uncle Nicholas.  By the providence of God, he was chosen as Bishop of Myra in Lycia.  Merciful, wise and fearless, this wonderful saint was a defender of truth and a spirited champion for justice among the people.

On two occasions, he saved three men from undeserved sentences of death.  Nicholas was cast into prison during the persecution of Christians, where he continued to instruct the people in the ways of God.

The most widely known story of how Saint Nicholas came to be associated with gift-giving during the Christmas season, is that he secretly gave dowries of gold coins to the three daughters of a poor member of his church, in this way saving them from humiliation and disgrace.

He became the patron saint of children, and also of merchants, sailors and scholars, and was a protector of travelers against robbers.

Saint Nicholas entered into rest on December 6 in the year 343.

O righteous Nicholas, in Myra you were shown forth
as a holy minister fulfilling Christ's holy Gospel;
for you did lay down your life
for your flock and people and, O saint,
you saved the innocent from unjust death.
Wherefore, you were sanctified as a great initiate of
the divine grace of God.