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Prayer and Bible Study

Prayer Shawl Ministry:  Prayer Shawl Ministry: The Prayer Shawl Ministry meets on the first Tuesday of the month at 10am in the Diffenbaugh library. Prayer Shawls for those going through difficult times, hats, washcloths and soap sacs for the homeless, preemie and infant hats and blankets for area hospitals, chemo caps and breast prosthesis for cancer patients are knitted, crocheted or loomed for those in need. We invite anyone who would like to share their talent. If you don’t know how to knit, crochet, or loom, and would like to learn, we have excellent teachers that can help. And we have all the tools necessary, for your use, while you are learning. Contact Millie Coward 757 469-5887/ for more information.

Thursday Bible Study:  Thursday Bible Study continues at 10:30am, in the Diffenbaugh Library. All are welcome!

The Intercessory Prayer Group  meets Sunday mornings at 10AM in the Diffenbaugh Library. If you are unable to attend any Sunday, you may request the group pray for you or your loved one by writing on a prayer card and placing it in the Prayer Box on the table in the parish hall or in the Narthex. All prayers are kept confidential within the group.

Men’s & Women’s Cursillo Group  meet each Wednesday evening.  Time to be announced once all church activities resume.